IKAA - International Korean Adoptee Associations
Fri, 28 Aug 2015


We are proud to announce that IKAA is now incorporated and has filed for non-profit 501 (c) (3) status in the US.

IKAA was first made official in March 2004 when the European associations formed IKAA Europe, followed shortly after by the establishment of IKAA USA.

IKAA has been established to better serve the Korean adoptee community, create a strong communication forum, build global relationships and provide a location where Korean adoptees can turn when in need of a resource.

Common for all the IKAA associations is that they have demonstrated  long-term stability, some who have been in existence for over 20, their organizational structure and membership is comprised overwhelmingly of adult adoptees, they have a long experience working with adoptees, and they organize activities and events for their members on a regular basis. The IKAA network reaches out to thousands of adoptees worldwide.

The mission of the IKAA Network is to enrich the global adoption community, promote the sharing of information and resources between adult adoptee associations, strengthen cross-cultural relations and innovate postadoption services for the broader international adoptee community.

IKAA will continue to look for opportunities for our members to help them with business and government internships and jobs in North America, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia and Korea, through our ever-growing network of adoptee associations and other adoptee service-providers.

IKAA - Europe

Adopted Koreans' Association (Sweden) - www.akf.nu

Arierang (The Netherlands) - www.arierang.nl

Korea Klubben (Denmark) - www.koreaklubben.dk

Racines Coréennes (France) - www.racinescoreennes.org

KOR.I.A.-Korean Italian Adoptees (Italy) - www.koria.it

B.A.K.-Belgian Adoptees from Korea (Belgium) - www.b-a-k.org


AK Connection (MN) - www.akconnection.com

Also-Known-As, Inc. (NY/NJ/CT) - www.alsoknownas.org

AAAW-Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington (WA) - www.aaawashington.org

KAHI-Korean Adoptees of Hawai'i (HI) - www.kahawaii.org

Adoption Links, DC (DC/MD/VA) - adoptionlinks.weebly.com

Association of Korean Adoptees of Southern California (CA) - www.aka-socal.org 

Katch-Korean Adoptees of  Chicago (IL) - www.katchicago.com